8-10 Mansfield St, Thornbury 3071.

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Finding the right therapist can sometimes be a challenging process. In the spirit of making that process easier we offer a free introductory phone call with our principal therapist Cameron Barker who will help you to find. the right person.

To be matched with the right therapist for you, please click the ‘Find a Therapist ’ button. Alternatively you can contact Melbourne Integrated Therapies on 0493 198 147 

Our fees start at $100 per session. Some of our therapists are able to provide the Medicare rebate.

8-10 Mansfield St Thornbury Vic Australia 3071

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Finding the right therapist can sometimes be challenging. Our mission at Melbourne Integrated Therapies is to offer you a personal referral to one of our skilled and experienced therapists. Our therapists work from a wide range of lenses so that we can cater to your specific needs. Whether you are interested in working within more traditional frameworks like counselling, psychology and cognitive frameworks or from a more somatic, experiential lens we have a number of therapists that can help you. Cameron Barker is the lead therapist at Melbourne Integrated Therapies and able to help you to make the decision of who start therapy with.