8-10 Mansfield St, Thornbury 3071.

Luke O'Higgins

Luke is a gestalt psychotherapist who focuses on the creation of emotional awareness, acceptance, and integration. He has experience in supporting a diverse range of clients with issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addiction, grief, and loss.

Luke helps people reconnect to the world through solid and caring relationships, and believes when we genuinely 'meet' someone where they are and accept them without judgement, a harmonious rapport and trust can be built, which facilitates positive life changes.

Luke has worked as an NDIS support worker, helping clients reconnect with community and increase their social, communicative, and emotional skills, and as a language teacher in Spain and Australia, supporting students in their learning and providing counselling to help them through the various challenges they face.

Luke can also provide sessions in Spanish.

Luke is LGBTQIA+ friendly, sex-positive, and is committed to creating an inclusive and cross-culturally supportive space.

Luke's fee is $140 per session, with some $120 concession spaces available.

"When Luke explained to me that Gestalt welcomes all aspects of the individual, that they all had a place, it was the beginning of an emotional and mental shift that was to have a lasting and profound impact on not only how I viewed myself, but also the world around me. I have spent the last 18 months working with Luke at times being very confused but simultaneously liberated. Luke's personal and involved style has been a godsend. It has been the missing piece to the puzzle that is my life."

Luke O'Higgins

Services / Modalities

Gestalt Psychotherapy Practitioner

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