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Ange Cook

Ange is an Integrative Psychotherapist who works collaboratively and creatively with people to navigate the often complex and diverse challenges of ‘being’ in the world. Central to Ange’s work is an understanding that the quality of one’s life is determined relationally beginning with deep relationship and connection to self. Ange appreciates that coming to therapy is an opportunity to understand the places where one may feel stuck, disconnected, uninspired, overwhelmed or challenged - fostering a longing for change.

Exploring the ways people uniquely adapt, cope and communicate, she offers therapy for anxiety, depression, CPTSD, grief and loss, intimacy, identity, self-esteem, family systems, parenting, life transitions and relational conflicts. Specialist areas include Adolescent Relationship Abuse (ARA) and working with people transitioning from religious institutions. Ange works with adults and adolescents (14+), offering a non-judgemental, safe and trauma-informed space from which she draws from a multi-model practice framework. Because people are unique, therapy is not a one-size fits all process. Ange works creatively aligned to the creativity within her clients. She warmly welcomes cultural diversity including LGBTIQA+ and Neurodiverse people.

Ange Cook

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