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Virginia Golding

Virginia Golding. BA (Psych, Phil), Grad Dip. Family Therapy. MASW. Certificate Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy.

Virginia has been working as a psychotherapist in clinical mental health and consultation roles for over 20+ years, for large NGOs, as well as in community services, hospital settings and drug and alcohol rehab, in consultation roles as well as in the Executive coaching and Well-being space. She has found this has been very beneficial in developing a broad skill base and has enhanced her capacity to work with a wide variety of people and issues.

Virginia works primarily in private practice with individuals, organisations and young people as well as facitilating meditation retreats and personal development workshops in the Inner East and North and Yarra Ranges, while also working as a supervisor for mental health teams and other clinicians.

In her clinical practice, she values helping her clients work through and heal old patterns that often arise out of our adaptations to negative childhood experiences, and which frequently underlie issues such as low self esteem, chronic pain and other health related issues, such as addictions, chronic anxiety, depression and PTSD. She works to support my clients to develop the skills needed to feel more empowered and to manage life’s challenges as they arise, build resilience, greater self awareness, focus and direction and live in accordance with their highest potential. She has a special interest in working with people wanting to explore healing from expanded states of consciousness using plant medicines and those wanting to explore existential questions.

Virginia's approach integrates western and eastern psychology and philosophy, practices and models having trained in EMDR modality, Somatic Therapy, Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy, Internal Systems Therapy, Attachment theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. After completing a degree in western philosophy in her early 20's, around the same time she began ongoing study of eastern psychology and philosophy. Virginia has a particular interest in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as well as the Indian Hindu and Advaita Vedanta traditions. Buddhism is as the Dalai Lama states, “a science of the mind.” And offers numerous methods for cultivating ways to feel inner peace, a greater sense of ease and happiness within ourselves, with the world and in our relationships. Over the past 20 years Virginia has regularly travelled and lived in Northern India in Dharamshala to continue her studies in Buddhist and Hindu Philosophy, psychology and meditation with a number of different teachers, including her main teacher Yangten Rinpoche.

Virginia accepts Medicare, DVA TAC and WorkCover referrals.

Telehealth - Sliding scale $160-175, in Clinic $185-195 Psychedelic Cannabis Therapy - (PCT) -Please contact me to discuss cost and suitability for this service. Medicare Rebate with MHCP $82.30 

Virginia Golding

Services / Modalities

Practitioner Certificate Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

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